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Fake Band

There have been 15 Fake Band performance(s) in CA.
They last performed there 1 show(s) ago.
Date Venue City State Country Artist
2022-05-25Rainbow ArenaSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2022-05-24Bog PlazaSan FranCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2022-05-19The Barf Bag RoomSan FranCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2022-05-18Rainbow ArenaSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2022-05-06Bog PlazaSan FranCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-12-17The Barf Bag RoomSan FranCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-09-13Grape CenterSacramentoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-09-10Grape CenterSacramentoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-09-09Rainbow ArenaSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-04-01Rainbow ArenaSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-03-23Grape CenterSacramentoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2021-02-16Grape CenterSacramentoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2020-11-21Rainbow ArenaSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2020-11-02Horseshoe ColiseumSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band
2020-10-01Horseshoe ColiseumSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSAFake Band

Side Project

There have been 1 Side Project performance(s) in CA.
The most recent show was performed there.
Date Venue City State Country Artist
2019-06-17Horseshoe ColiseumSan FranciscoCaliforniaUSASide Project