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Aqua Fresh has been performed by Fake Band 13 times. It was last played 2023-02-25, which was 3 shows ago.

Every Time Played

Date Played Venue Show Gap Performed ByFootnote
2020-10-01 Horseshoe Coliseum, San Francisco, CA2Fake Band
2021-09-09 Rainbow Arena, San Francisco, CA7Fake Band
2021-12-17 The Barf Bag Room, San Fran, CA5Fake Band
2022-01-28 The Ube Club, Simsbury, CT3Fake Band
2022-05-18 Rainbow Arena, San Francisco, CA4Fake Band
2022-05-25 Rainbow Arena, San Francisco, CA3Fake Band
2022-06-09 Steam Center, Santa Fe, NM3Fake Band
2022-06-14 The Marshmallow Room, Mellon Collie, CO1Fake Band
2022-07-14 Palladium Stadium, Crow Buttes, SD4Fake Band
2022-08-08 The Marshmallow Room, Mellon Collie, CO2Fake Band
2023-01-01 Bone Center, Palm Sap, FL3Fake Band
2023-02-23 Justin's Backyard, Backwoods, PA5Fake Band
2023-02-25 Drew's Backyard, Backwoods, PA1Fake Band